Ahimsa is the influential peace-loving principle of oriental countries. Wherever you travel in your life, travel there with peace in your heart and soul.

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You want to travel and this travel guide makes it easy to find your way. Ahimsa travel guide is helpful and practical for travellers

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Your idea of travelling comes from a vision of yourself and your perspective and spiritual path. Ahimsa is created to help you make the best choice for your trip.

Namasté, my name is Jack Westera from this site Ahimsa Travel Guide. I have travelled and worked abroad extensively. And over the years I learned about different aspects of global cultures. It is fantastic to fully immerse yourself in the culture of another country and to gain new experiences. My worldview has completely changed because of this.

I interest in Buddhism for thirty years and this enthusiasm for other cultures has prompted me to travel a lot. Still, it continues to amaze me how many differences, but also how many similarities we have with people from other parts of the world.

From my Buddhist vision, I made this website. My purpose is to help a traveller who is looking for religious Buddhistic but also spiritual experiences during their holiday. My knowledge and insight have grown with me over the years and by writing a travel guide I make this information more easily available to everyone.