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Mindful travel quotes

On this page, you will find a collection of quotes. It is especially for people on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest and other social media who like to share it on their timeline or through a forum. The quotes are initially mindful. So quotes with a Mindful, Buddhist or New Age background. But because this site was set up as a travel guide, I have also included several (online) travel quotes.

Finding Inspiriation

It is a challenge to write an introduction to quotes. Quotes are often the most brilliant and insightful thoughts, reflections, considerations, philosophies and winged sayings of writers, scientists and eminent thinkers. From everyone actually, including ourselves. Because the quotes offer so many diverse insights, it is impossible to summarize what quotes are in one paragraph. Some quotes share the content of an entire book in one or two short sentences. Any quote, if properly understood, can herald a transformation of you or your life.

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